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Lady Orlando - Painting illustrating Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando


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Painting illustrating Virginia Woolf's novel Orlando:

"Orlando, who believed in no immortality, could not help feeling that her soul would come and go forever .

The room shone like a shell that has lain at the bottom of the sea for centuries and has been crusted over and painted a million tints by the water - it was rose and yellow, green and sand-colored. It was frail as a shell, as iridescent and as empty.

The whole of her darkened and settled, as when some foil whose addition makes the round and solidity of a surface is added to it,

and the shallow becomes deep and the near , distant; and all is contained as water is contained by the sides of a well .

So she was now darkened, stilled and become, with the addition of this 'Orlando'; what is called , rightly or wrongly , a single self, a real self. And she fell silent."

"Lady Orlando"  - 22" x 36"

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Artist : Sara Morton

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